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Family Roots
My name is Omar Johnson and I believe that Teachers make ALL professions possible. When you take a moment to think about that statement you realize it is very powerful. It places an awesome responsibility on those who are Teachers. It can also strike fear in the hearts of some who may aspire to become a teacher. I was born into an extremely large family. My grandfather, Fred Douglas Johnson, was born in 1919. My grandmother, Mary Ethel Mays, was born in 1924. Both were born in small Southern towns in Mississippi. They married in 1940. They had eleven children; three boys and eight girls. My mother was the seventh oldest in the family. She was also the fourth girl. Our family was very large so we often times leaned on each other for support as well as encouragement. My eldest aunt, Freddie, is the “rock” of our family. My mom and I moved to Chicago when I was three years old. My eldest aunt, Freddie, was already living in Chicago for a few years and let us live with her for a few months. My mom eventually met and married my step-dad Hayward Johnson. My immediate family growing up consisted of my mom (Dorse), my younger sister (Michelle), and my younger brother (Hayward III)…..

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