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How would you describe your educational experiences?
I had the good fortune to attend secondary school in Mexico. I had family members who worked at the school and people who knew my family so it was not that difficult to navigate myself in the school setting. The next institution I went to was the preparatory. It took me a little more time to get used to the setting because my uncle was the principal and in the beginning it was hard to make friends because classmates might think that I was going to run and tell the principal everything that happens with the students inside and outside the classroom. My classmates used to play really hard jokes on me just because I was the principal’s niece, but after a time I was able to demonstrate to them that it did not mean anything and I was just like any other student. Since my mom passed away a little after I started the preparatory academy (I was 15 years old at the time) I had a difficult time in school. I remember running out of the classroom, going to the bathroom, and sitting down on the floor crying for my mom. My uncle was a huge influence in my life. He encouraged me to graduate….

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